Missy and Danny

BVS20130511180521-0009Missy and Danny proves the boundlessness and universality of love. With roots grounded in two different parts of the world, the couple found each other, planting an unconditional love as they grow together. It was a pleasure to be a part of Missy and Danny’s wedding day. From the tying of ties, to the lifting of veils, spirits were continually lifted in the process.

The ladies in Missy’s family started the day with excitement as they cheerfully danced and sang in the Royal Towers room. The families were filled with joy when Missy and Danny became husband and wife beneath the Ocean Overlook gazebo.

From white sand to rocky rope bridges to the underwater Predator’s Tunnel, the portrait session was nothing less than a pleasure. With big smiles and beautiful moments, the couple shone brighter than the golden Caribbean sun.

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Sarah and Richard


Walking hand-in-hand, step-by-step, down the concrete stairs of The Cloisters, Sarah and Richard head towards their ceremony site beneath the concrete gazebo, which overlooks the blue waters of the Bahamas.

The quiet and peaceful ceremony was complimented by a calm and cool weather. The clouds blanketed the sun, providing a nice even light on the couple; the spotlight shone on Sarah and Richard, as their big wedding day was a party of two.

The portrait session with Sarah and Richard was playful and intimate. Tapping into their inner childhoods, the couple played hide-and-seek behind the historical columns of The Cloisters. The golf cart ride led to the Ocean Club beach access. Richard and Sarah danced their first dance on wooden floors between ocean and palm tree. It was a perfect day.

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Chrissy and James

Jones Oden

When the hours are clocked, the week is winding down, what better way to spend a Friday than spending it marrying your best friend–it is one of the best investments one can make towards happiness and forever. Chrissy and James made preparations leading to their wedding day at the beautiful Atlantis Resort, located on Paradise Island, Bahamas.

James dressed in white, matching his wife-to-be, Chrissy, who is decked in the same. Long eyelashes flutters with every blink and flatters Chrissy’s striking eyes. Both Chrissy and James showcased their stunning smile and ever present dimples as they were filled with joy, walking down the sinking soft sand aisle of Cove Beach, as husband and wife. Friends and family cheered as the young couple took their first walk that began their journey into forever.

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Julia and Jong

Lee Yu

Suit and tie never fails to mark true to tradition and style. Julia and Jong’s wedding guests wore their stylish tuxedos as the women wore cool and fitting outfits for the occasion. Jong stood elegantly beside his stunning wife-to-be, Julia, as they were about to exchange wedding vows beneath the white gazebo at Ocean Overlook.

Lee YuLee YuLee YuLee Yu

The adventure truly begun after the couple exchanged vows, slipped on their rings, and said, “I do.” The portrait session was nothing less than a blast. The couple lifted each other in spirit and body–Julia lifted Jong to the sky, which was captured in a smile-provoking photograph taken by Ronnie Archer. After Jong was lifted to the sky, petals fell from the same sky after their first bouquet match. It was definitely a day of smiles and laughs.


Congratulations Julia and Jong!

Lee YuLee YuLee YuLee YuLee YuLee YuLee Yu


Kerri and Dean

Grahovac Hermann

White is the color of friendship and wedding dresses. Red is the color of love and hearts. Red was scattered on the soft white Cove Beach sand as the wind cradle each petal. Kerri, with a white and red bouquet of friendship and love, stood before Dean as they were about to exchange vows of forever. Friends and family pulled out cameras and smiles as they witnessed the union between Kerri and Dean.

Many smiles and kisses were captured during the portrait session. The newly weds walked near the shoreline of lapping blue waters, through green pathways, across wooden bridges. This wedding day is the beginning of a journey for Dean and Kerri as husband and wife.

Congratulations!BVS20130417173856-0003Grahovac HermannGrahovac HermannGrahovac HermannGrahovac HermannGrahovac HermannGrahovac HermannBVS20130417184323-0028Grahovac Hermann


Jodi and Ryan

Foss AndersonSomething old, something new, something borrowed, all bridesmaids in blue. Jodi, along with bridal party, close family and friends made preparations for her big wedding day. There was a lot of support from family and friends for the union of Jodi and Ryan as they got ready at the Atlantis Resort, located on Paradise Island, Bahamas.

Six groomsmen lined up at Ryan’s left side as he watched his wife to be walk down the aisle against a backdrop of blue sea and sky. The heartfelt wedding ceremony was very touching as stories were shared and tears were shed.  Jodi and Ryan’s united on the soft sand of Cove Beach; their union was built on the strong foundation of truth, faith, love and family.

Congratulations to Ryan and Jodi!

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